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About Us

We cover your new addition to the family, from newborn to old & frail age.
Our services & caregivers provide home nursing services  for those patients who prefer to stay in their own homes or who just got discharged from hospital or who are currently on a waiting list to be accepted into their preferred Care Facility.
Mmedi Solutions provide quality caregivers ,nurses for you & your loved ones at home/hospice/any environment of your choice, catering for your unique requirements & needs in-&-around South Africa.
We offer various services & employment options to ensure you get the right care for your healthcare needs. It is our mission to provide quality, reliable compassionate and affordable care to our clients
We understand that the vulnerability of the frail, elderly, or disabled individual requires the presence of a caregiver who is not only experienced and trained but also trustworthy, honest and sensitive to the needs of her patient
Our caregivers are trained to work in conjunction with other professional service providers and to become first line reporters of changes in the client’s condition
Our innovative team approach is designed to address the specific needs of our clients and their families. We explore possibilities instead of focusing on limitations. Our caregivers are carefully matched to ensure they are an appropriate fit for the client whose care they are responsible for.
Our caregivers have great sensitivity, tact, good judgment, flexibility, patience, dedication, stamina and communication skills — all qualities needed of a professional caregiver…..our caregivers really care!